John Franco Braico

Executive Producer

John's Story

John Franco is an award-winning Producer and the President of Matrix Production Services. He has been a big supporter of BC's Independent film industry and specializes in production services. John Franco has contributed to thousands of BC productions in the past 25 years. His valuable experience in the film business helps us actualize our dreams into empowering films. Success was followed by 2 feature films, 11 shorts, and 2 animations. His first Executive Producer debut feature film "Unmasked", on a Muslim woman becoming an actress during the "Muslim ban" has won 28 international awards and 14 nominations. His controversial short film "Child Bride" explores the horror of child marriage based on a true story and was also selected at Cannes short corner in 2019. John Franco's latest short film "The Will and the Wall" also defies the borders and explores the friendship of a Mexican boy and a US border patrol officer amid the Border Wall crisis. It was nominated for the prestigious Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton International film festival (2020). John Franco's latest and second feature film "Corona" was acclaimed as the world's first Coronavirus film by the New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, BBC, Times, and over 100 international media. Corona is a dramatic feature film on Coronavirus and Xenophobia and was shot in February 2020 before the epidemic. The film has won numerous awards including Best Director's award at the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island International film festival. John Franco's films mainly focus on relevant social issues, injustice, and humanitarian subjects with strong female lead characters. John Franco and his wife Veronica, have generously supported many non-profit organizations to advocate diversity and inclusion in film. They also produce SUMO environmental products that are a must-have on any Eco-friendly film set. John Franco is also a member of the Executive Board with " BC Film Minorities for film and TV society " which advocates diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

" I want to produce local films with a universal message that share our common human values. "

John Franco  Braico