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Good Thoughts Good Stories Good Films


GrandMuse Pictures is a boutique film production company based in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in empowering diverse independent films.

Our projects have won over 80 IMDb awards and continue to raise awareness and earn awards globally. Our films have been showcased by acclaimed media such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times, BBC, The Hollywood Reporter,

The CBC, The Global News, and over 100 international media outlets have all covered the story.

Our mission is to add more color to our films by telling diversified stories that are both entertaining and empowering. Our intention is to use the media as a platform to increase the goodness in collective human consciousness. Good thoughts often lead to good stories, and good stories often lead to good films. 

We believe in creating conscious content

Conscious filmmaking is to create films that not only raise profit but raise awareness in our society. We believe in treating everyone like a film family both in front and behind the camera . The quality of stories we tell reflect the quality of our society.  In a world that is full of Distracting Entertainment we need more Diversified Empowerment ! 


We focus on Story-telling based Music Videos .


We  select projects that have social impact to deliver powerful visuals. The Allowing you to enjoy the music video 

even when muted through cinematic visuals


We can help you from concept to delivery by creating the concept and the team that serves your story and budget. 

Make a video that takes your music to the next level! 

What We Do


Come in with a good story and walk out with a Great film! 

All of our projects from short films, to animation and feature films have one thing in common: Impactful Stories with International recognition. 

We pride ourselves when our stories create an impact at prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and in International Media such as BBC and Global News

We are a full service production specialized in writing, pre-production, production and post production.

Make the world a better place one movie at a time ! 


In a world overloaded with content we recognize the need to stand out both with your product and video content. That's why we only focus on creative content that attracts your target clients . 

We help you from concept to delivery of your content and to sell your product without selling it!

As a film-focused production we understand the importance of connecting with the audience through emotions and that's what makes us different and authentic. 

Commercials don't have to be cliché

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Mostafa Keshvari 
Film Director / President 

Meet the Team

Alvand Jalali
Composer / Production Sound
Ghazal DOP.jpg
Ghazal Keshvari

Mostafa Keshvari is an Award-winning

director, writer and producer based in

Vancouver, Canada, and a member of DGC, WGC, CMPA, and MPPIA. 

Mostafa is a top graduate of Vancouver Film School and his films have won numerous international awards as well as 5 Leo nominations. His last 3 short films have been to Cannes film festival and his first feature Unmasked has won 28 global awards so far. 

Mostafa's films mainly focus on social issues. His latest feature film Corona has been acclaimed as the world's 1st COVID-19 film by international media such as The NewYork Times, BBC, CNN,

The Guardian, The Times, CBC and etc. 

" There is enough entertainment out there, I am more interested in Empowerment. "   

Ghazal Keshvari  is a talented and rising Cinematographer based in Vancouver.


 Her background in acting helps her to capture the soul of her subject and look through the lens as a storyteller. Ghazal has a unique visual storytelling as a female minority talent which is visible through her bold experimental style. She has worked on several indie projects and is paving the path for more female cinematographers to shine bright. 

When not filming, Ghazal works at her own creative studio to create variety of visual contents for different  brands to help them connect to a wider range of audience. 

"It's not about your budget or my gadgets, it's about your story and my job is to tell it in the most Authentic 



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Alvand jalali is a two-times Leo award winner Musician /Composer Specialized in Film scoring and mixing and creating audio content. 

After obtaining a film composition degree in Vienna, Alvand moved to Vancouver where he has won awards for his composing variety of films. His knowledge and background in classical and film music have helped him to stand out with an international appeal

Alvand is also very active in Production and post-production sound mixing with advanced sound equipment.  He can help your film to sound more unique from music to recording and mixing.

"Music is my language."